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Le Flower World & Gifts is a family owned business which operates direct from Sydney flower market (Flemington Market). 


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  Monday: By Appointment only

  Tuesday: By Appointment only

Wednesday: By Appointment only

Thursday: By Appointment only

Friday: By Appointment only

Saturday: By Appointment only (9:00am-2:00pm)

Sunday: No Appointments


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Thai Orchids in a Fish-Bowl

Operating direct from the Flemington flower market is our guarantee to our customers that they receive the freshest seasonal flower bouquets and arrangements possible. Unlike many of our competitors our bouquets and arrangements are procured and crafted the very morning of their delivery. This is our way of ensuring that our customers are always offered the freshest flowers in the market place. 



What makes Le Flower World & Gifts one of the most succesful online and in store flower businesses in Australia, is our team of expert florists. They are highly trained and qualified and have reputations as experts in their field. Each day our staff select the very best and freshest flowers to create exceptional flower arrangements. that is one of the great advantages of operating directly from Flemington market.  


 For any enquiries please go to the "contact us" section, fill out the enquiry form and click "Submit".




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